Meet craig

Meet craig

My name is Craig Kitch and people often refer to me as the "Turn-Around Guy." I work with organizations wanting to develop an engaged workforce and with managers who want to become better leaders. Often my clients say their people become more focused on what matters most and more committed to getting the job done.

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  • Become a Coach

    There is a sore that is beginning to fester in many businesses right now and most managers are oblivious to it. It is not causing much pain, yet, and may even be disguised as something else entirely. At the worst, it is producing a low grade fever but, make no mistake, it is getting ready […]

  • My Register is Not Open

    A quick run to a local store really amplified the need for customer service training for their team.  As I walked up to the register, there was only one person in front of me, but is cart was filled to the max.  I had one item.  Well this has happened before and I learned long […]

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    Hello and welcome, I share my blog thoughts and work on TypePad and manage my great email subscribers on Feedblitz. Why? It’s secure, it’s powerful and allows for the kind of customization my clients and subscribers desire. I sincerely hope you’ll subscribe via the button below. Thank you, Craig Kitch