Meet craig

Meet craig

My name is Craig Kitch and people often refer to me as the "Turn-Around Guy." I work with organizations wanting to develop an engaged workforce and with managers who want to become better leaders. Often my clients say their people become more focused on what matters most and more committed to getting the job done.

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  • Know Your Sweet Spot

    I am writing this column from about 35,000 feet, on my way to an engagement in Kansas City; once again flying my favorite airline: Southwest. Not that they are the fanciest thing going or even the least expensive every time, but they sure are consistent and they have performance and productivity down to a art. […]


      So, we are in a totally different economy now. Just a few short years ago, unemployment was high and many businesses were struggling to keep the doors open. Consumer confidence was relatively low and people were hanging on to their cash. Things have changed. Business is booming and unemployment is at a record low. […]

  • Do It Now!!

      Taking action on what you know to do is clearly the primary barrier to success in your business. The gap between knowledge and action is much larger than the gap between ignorance and knowledge. Most people fail to reach their goals (whether revenue, customer service or employee retention) not because they don’t know what […]