How to Keep Your Best Employees   There are four things that will cause employees to leave your business in this economy:    They don’t feel appreciated  Poor company culture, No growth opportunities  Money. MONEY is the one most often sited, though. When times are tough in the employment line, most people with put up with certain undesirables because they […]

Who Will You Serve?

It’s a critical decision to make, and many business people don’t.  Are you going to serve the top end of the market or cater to the lower end?  Do you offer high quality for a premium price or are you the low price leader? You can make money in either place, but you cannot survive […]

You sad NO?

by Craig Kitch   Talk with any successful person and they will most certainly tell you about times when it seemed like the world was against them. When the word NO was so prevalent in their life. What made them ultimately successful is how they handled the word “no”. How often have you been […]