Stop Lying. You Don’t Really Care What Your Customers Think.

Last week I took my wife’s car to the dealership where we bought it for an oil change. I consider myself to be a pretty loyal customer. Since we purchased the vehicle a couple of years ago, they have done all the work on it.

I made my appointment for 6am. That fit with my schedule and put me at the front of the line. This dealership has a local shuttle and they offer to take you somewhere within a few miles so you don’t have to wait in the showroom. I took them up on the offer and had them deliver me to a well-known breakfast eatery a couple miles away.

An hour later, my cell phone rang and I was told that my car was ready. I immediately informed the service advisor that I had finished my pancakes and asked for the shuttle to come pick me up.
After hesitating for a few seconds, he put me on hold for the shuttle dispatcher.

After 5 minutes I hung up and called back. I was then informed that the shuttle service was not available to pick me up until 10am. Soooo, you take me to the Pancake Pantry at 6am, you call me at 7am to tell me my vehicle is ready, but you cannot bring me back to the store for 3 more hours? Craig is not happy.

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say they had someone pick me up rather quickly. When I paid my bill, the Service Advisor reminded me that I will be getting a survey on email and that it was “his personal report card”. I explained my frustration over the shuttle and he impressed on me that my scoring of the survey was totally about him and that a less than perfect score would rest totally on his shoulders, even though he had no control over the shuttle.

I have seen this pattern played out numerous times over the last few years. The “brand” (i.e. manufacturer) wants to show perfect scores to investors and incentivizes their franchisees to provide the numbers. But, at the end of the day, it is all about the numbers, not the customer.

I had a legitimate complaint about one aspect of the service I received as a customer, but had no way of voicing my protest without unfairly damaging an innocent bystander.

So ask yourself this question. Are you chasing the numbers you want or do you really care about serving your customers? The former will eventually catch up with you.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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