But Did You Really Learn?

by Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com A number of years ago, I decided to get my private pilot’s license.  I was a little taken aback by the process.  It seemed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was only concerned about students passing a written test and completing a basic flight review. Here is how they did it.  […]

Listen Up!!

by Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com   In a recent workshop I asked the 50 or so people in the room how many of them had ever taken a class in speech; all hands went up.  I then asked about classes in communications, writing skills, public speaking and presentation skills; most hands stayed raised in the air.  […]

The Smart Manager

By Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com   Some years ago, a very high-profile rock and roll band checked into my hotel for six weeks to record a new album.  Their manager had made the arrangements, paid for the rooms and asked me contact him if the guys needed anything extra.  It was exciting to have them in […]

This Too Shall Pass

www.craigkitch.com   Looking back over the last 50 years, I remember so many hard times that we, as a nation, have gone through and the challenges they represented to both businesses and individuals. Those things are now in the past and, one day, we will be asking each other: “remember when” regarding our current state […]

Tough Decision

by Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com   Here is a question I received from a manager in a company in Pennsylvania.  I am sharing my response because I have seen countless managers deal with the same issue in the past.    Question: One of my employees continually goes behind my back and gets her direction from my […]

Was It Worth It??

  By Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com   The question often asked after paying a premium price for a service or product is: “Was it Worth It?” We often associate that question with luxury products: Morton’s of Chicago, Ritz Carlton, Mercedes and the like. But the question does not stop there. It may not be verbalized for […]

STOP Selling!!

by Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com I went to a networking event recently and met a lady who worked for a professional services firm. After a few moments of chit chat, she began to ask me very targeted and personal questions about my business. I answered her as vaguely as possible without being rude but it did […]

Turn A Job into a Career

  By Craig Kitch www.craigkitch.com   In the current economic climate, turnover can be high, especially in hourly-based jobs. If a company does something a team member doesn’t like, they can simply go down the street and work for the competition. No big deal! Businesses go into panic mode and start one-upping each other on […]