Why Employees Quit Their Job

PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG IF YOU FIND VALUE IN IT! Employee turnover is outrageously expensive. For entry level employees it can be as much as half their annual salary. For executives, it can be 3 to 4 times their annual salary.  I have done a lot of informal research over the years on why employees […]

Become a Coach

There is a sore that is beginning to fester in many businesses right now and most managers are oblivious to it. It is not causing much pain, yet, and may even be disguised as something else entirely. At the worst, it is producing a low grade fever but, make no mistake, it is getting ready […]

My Register is Not Open

A quick run to a local store really amplified the need for customer service training for their team.  As I walked up to the register, there was only one person in front of me, but is cart was filled to the max.  I had one item.  Well this has happened before and I learned long […]

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Stop Lying. You Don’t Really Care What Your Customers Think. Last week I took my wife’s car to the dealership where we bought it for an oil change. I consider myself to be a pretty loyal customer. Since we purchased the vehicle a couple of years ago, they have done all the work on it. […]