But Did You Really Learn?

by Craig Kitch


A number of years ago, I decided to get my private pilot’s license.  I was a little taken aback by the process.  It seemed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was only concerned about students passing a written test and completing a basic flight review.

Here is how they did it.  Your written test was 100 questions long; pulled from a bank of 400.   Typical ground school classes simply taught you the answers to the 400 question.  Learn the answer to each question and you will pass the test.  In short, you were not necessarily competent, you just knew the answers to the test. 

Today’s process is much more practical.  Instructors teach competence by creating situational questions; then asking the student “what should you do now?”  This creates learning opportunities to grow skills, not just test taking.

Businesses find success by creating those same learning opportunities.  Instead of simply training the “right answers”, they grow true ability and professionalism in their teams.


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