Jobs Are Like Shoes….They Need to Fit

 Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that just did not fit? Too big, too small, too narrow; you can hobble around in them a bit, but you will never perform at peak effectiveness when your feet hurt and you struggle to walk.

One of my clients engaged my services because they were really struggling with customer service and it was costing them a lot of money in lost sales and refunds. The owner showed me the numbers and asked if I could “fix it”. I assured him that I could not, but I believed his people could.

After spending two full days interviewing his team members, it became evident that one problem was a good person in the wrong job. She landed there because that is where they needed her at some point; but it was not a good fit. No matter how hard she tried, those “shoes” did not fit.

After finally getting him to look up from the numbers and focus on his people, I was able to convince him that she had value, just in a different position. We put an action plan together before I left and he promised to implement it fully within 30 days, when I would return.

As I monitored his customer service scores remotely, I began to notice a small tick up. Within two weeks, I reached out to some of his team members to give them some positive feedback and encouragement (something else the owner did not offer well).

As I sit here writing this, that store is serving customers better than ever and the employees are happy. Moving a couple of key players into jobs that fit has changed the whole culture of the store.

Managers are always looking to “plug a hole” in the operation; often “solving” the problem with the closest warm body. Leaders, however, look at the long game. They find the right people for the right job and give them the training and support they need to succeed.

Jobs and shoes. Both have to fit.



Source: Craig’s Blog


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