My Register is Not Open

A quick run to a local store really amplified the need for customer service training for their team.  As I walked up to the register, there was only one person in front of me, but is cart was filled to the max.  I had one item.  Well this has happened before and I learned long ago to take a breath and wait.   A few minutes out of my life will not change the course of global events.

When the cashier finally gave him his total, he was about 25 bucks short, so they started voiding items to be put back, 45 cents here – a dollar there.  Finally another cashier appeared and I felt relieved.  I asked her if she could check me out on the other register since I only had one item.  She politely told me that she could not.  "My register is closed".  She then proceeded to leave the store.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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