Not My Problem

I learned a hard lesson about 20 years ago. An air conditioner in my hotel was malfunctioning and I was procrastinating the repair for a couple of reasons. First, I did not want the expense in the current quarter. I was on the bubble for profit goals and if I could just push the expense off another 30 days or so, I would be in the green. The other reason is that I had so many other challenges on my plate, the A/C was just not enough of a priority. It was working.

Then it happened. One sweltering August day, the A/C died. I declared an emergency (in my head) and called our vendor. He informed me that his schedule was full and it would be a few days before he could get to me. NOOOOOOOO! I need this NOW. He also reminded me that he had offered to do an inspection and tune up a couple of months earlier and I had declined (saving the money again).

Frustrated, I called another company that could get to me immediately, but the price was more than double the agreed upon price with my vendor. Not only did I spend way more than I should have, I damaged the relationship with my vendor by using his competitor. Needless to say, I was harvesting the results of some bad decisions.

A week later, I had a lengthy conversation with the vendor and shared my frustration that he could not get to me more quickly. I will never forget what he said: Procrastination and poor decisions on your part, do not create an emergency on my part.

We can discuss what he said from a customer relations perspective another time. But the bottom line is: he was right.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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