The Beatings Will Continue Until Attitudes Improve


One of the secrets of truly great leaders is that they understand their role is to take care of the employees first and then the employees will take better care of the customer. Think about it. When staff members have needs that are not being met by management, discontent and complacency set in and lower morale.

Unhappy employees very seldom make for happy customers. When service complaints arise, management typically finds the person “at fault” and coaches them about the importance of working harder and making sure the customer is always right; then documenting their personnel file in case it happens again.

Why is it that we do a great job of taking care of machinery, inventory and merchandise and we all but ignore the needs of our people? In most industries, people are the number one resource and payroll is the highest expense item in the budget.

It is your staff who depicts the values of your company to the public; more through body language and energy than by the words they use. If they know you genuinely care about their work experience, they will genuinely care about the customer experience.

Here is the bottom line: if you do a great job of taking care of your team, they will be sufficiently motivated to take care of your customers. In this economy, where the unemployment rate for most of the country is at or below 3%, it is not unusual to be short of staff. That said, if you are genuinely devoted to your people, they will be more devoted to you and rise to the occasion.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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