I have a three hour layover at Chicago Midway and it spans the lunch hour. One nice thing about this airport is that they have a large selection of places to eat and shop. Chicago Style Hotdogs to Sushi and everything in between. Literally dozens of options. Which one did I choose? The one with the best view.

When it comes to watching airplanes take off and land, I am still about nine years old. I chose the restaurant with big windows that looked right down the runway. It did not matter as much what was on the menu, or even the prices, it was the view I was looking for.

There are many different ways to create a “view” for your customers. The ambience you create in your business is a view. Your customer service is a view (good or bad.) The way you set expectations and meet them is a view (under promise / over deliver). The reason I am so loyal to Southwest Airlines is because of the “view” they create for me, and I’m not talking about the window seat. Whenever I call American Express customer service with a problem or question, I always hang up with a smile on my face. Nice view.

Evaluate your own business from a customer’s perspective. What kind of view are you creating?

Source: Craig’s Blog


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