This Too Shall Pass


Looking back over the last 50 years, I remember so many hard times that we, as a nation, have gone through and the challenges they represented to both businesses and individuals.

Those things are now in the past and, one day, we will be asking each other: “remember when” regarding our current state of affairs. This too shall pass.

That said, the most visionary leaders out there are currently thinking about the look of their businesses, and people, once we come through this. Here are a few questions to ponder to that end:

• How do you want your store to be seen by the public once we come through this? (Begin with the end in mind.)

• What one step can you take right now to move in that direction?

• How do you want to be remembered personally after this is over?


It is so easy to fall into “scramble” mode and lose sight of the long game. Take a deep breath, think for a moment about where you want to go and then take a step.

Just one step.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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