Tough Decision

by Craig Kitch


Here is a question I received from a manager in a company in Pennsylvania.  I am sharing my response because I have seen countless managers deal with the same issue in the past. 



One of my employees continually goes behind my back and gets her direction from my boss. It mostly happens when I ask her to do something that she doesn’t really want to do. More often than not my boss tells me to change my decision and that makes me feel like I have no authority over the employees. I can’t tell my boss what to do and so I am trapped.

Lancaster, PA


Jesse you have three problems to deal with here. First your boss is undermining your authority. Second, the employee has no regard for your authority. Third, other employees are watching the show and formulating their opinions on how to deal with you in the future. In short, this is a recipe for disaster.

The first conversation you need to have is with your boss. I would bet there is a good chance that she does not fully see the impact this is having on your ability to manage so do your best to communicate the big picture with her. She may even think she is helping in this scenario. You will also need to keep an open mind about your own performance. She may be trumping you because she feels like your decisions are flawed.

At the end of the day, your boss is the only person who can fix this situation. If she is unwilling to do so, polish up your resume and start looking for the next opportunity.

Source: Craig’s Blog


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