Turn A Job into a Career


By Craig Kitch



In the current economic climate, turnover can be high, especially in hourly-based jobs. If a company does something a team member doesn’t like, they can simply go down the street and work for the competition. No big deal!

Businesses go into panic mode and start one-upping each other on pay and benefits. That gets expensive for everyone. So what’s a manager to do?

Turn the job into a career.

Most companies that have been around for a while have people in higher positions than where they began. Team members should feel like they have a “career path”. In other words, they may be in an entry level position now, but see a path of career growth.

What if you showed them a specific plan for helping them grow in their line of work and develop new skills?

There will be training involved, of course, and opportunities to take on more responsibility in small amounts. (That is part of your delegation plan,)

Companies like Marriott, Southwest Airlines and Starbucks are great at this.

It may be easy to quit a job, but it is more difficult to leave a company that is helping me grow.

Food for thought…



Source: Craig’s Blog


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