What Great Leaders Create

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Everyone wants to be liked and appreciated for what they bring to the table. In todays environment, human capital is at a premium and good leaders have to be creative and intentional about how they create a work environment that people want to stay in.

What do people want these days?

• Personal fulfillment
• Respect
• Recognition a good work (you notice I did not say GREAT work)
• An atmosphere if trust
• And understanding how their work fits into the big picture.

All that is good leadership and if you do it well, you will not only have a stable team (low turnover) but you will create a great deal of loyalty for yourself as well. I have worked with leaders are so proud of what “they” have created, their egos are starting to show.
Do good work. Take care of your team. And, stay humble.

As Mark Twain once said:

"No matter how popular you think you are the number of people attending your funeral, will, largely depend on the weather."

Source: Craig’s Blog


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