Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz has entertained countless children and adults for decades, but I’ll bet you never thought of it as a “leadership” film. While I do not have room here to go into the myriad details and leadership principles to be gleaned from the film, I would like to share the “big rocks” with you and encourage you to watch the film for yourself and begin looking for key learning you can apply in your life.

To begin with, Dorothy is sucked up by a tornado and deposited in Munchkin Land. She is clearly dealing with some pretty dramatic change in her life. But unlike most people, who fight change and become angry over it, Dorothy embraces the situation and merrily implements the only direction she is given; “follow the yellow brick road”.

As she skips down the strange path, she encounters three other people who have important needs in their lives; the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. Even though she has her own need to fulfill, she is more than willing to help the others along the way as she pursues her own goal (good leaders do that, you know). One character, if you recall, had to be set in his place pretty quickly. The lion initially jumped into the faces of the other three and threatened them. Dorothy stopped him with a slap to the nose. As it turns out, the lion’s threat to them was a cover up for his own insecurity. (It makes me wonder how may of the “growlers” in my own life are doing the same thing).

She was also continuously asked what kind of witch she was, to which she always replied “I am Dorothy from Kansas, I am not a witch at all”. The key here is that no matter what she was going through, she never lost sight of who she was and her value as a person. That kept her centered and focused on her goal.

Finally, once she got to the Emerald City, she was disappointed to learn that the Wizard was just a man and did not have the power to send her home. In the midst of almost certain failure, Glenda (the good witch) shows up and reveals that Dorothy has had the power to get home on her own all along. When the Tin Man asks why this had not been revealed before, Glenda says “Because she had to learn it for herself.”

You and I are just like Dorothy in that we have the power within us to reach our own destination; but we must be willing to make the journey and learn for ourselves. Have a little fun this holiday season and watch the Wizard of Oz. Look for the leadership principles in the movie and you will be amazed at what you find. I promise you it will be time well spent.

Weeeeere off to see the Wizard……………….

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