You sad NO?

by Craig Kitch


Talk with any successful person and they will most certainly tell you about times when it seemed like the world was against them. When the word NO was so prevalent in their life. What made them ultimately successful is how they handled the word “no”.

How often have you been stopped in the pursuit of your dream by having someone tell you “no”. How many times have you given up on selling a product because the first few potential customers turned you down? How often have you become discouraged in business endeavors because your friends, family or associates don’t understand exactly what you are doing and therefore want to “save” you from throwing your life away.

No is one of the smallest words in the English language, but is sure does seem to wield a lot of power. People’s lives and historic events have been changed because someone said: NO. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time letting a two-letter word from the mouth of someone else stop me from realizing my potential.

That having been said, I believe there is great value in the word NO. It causes us to think matters through and helps us work out the kinks, moving our product or service towards excellence. It makes us stronger by adding resistance into the mix. It causes us to become more determined to succeed, unless we are quitters.

By continuing to chip away at your dream, in spite of the “no” word, you become better and better at what you do. NO can make you stronger or it can break you. The choice is clearly yours to make.


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