Your Values are Showing

by Craig Kitch


Years ago I was in Leadership in a Boy Scout troop and was always amazed at how you could watch the behavior of the boys and get a good idea of what it was like at home.

A couple of decades later I found myself helping a friend who was leading the Men’s Group at our church. Since we both had a background in Scouting, we made it a point to put together a few wilderness excursions every year; mostly made up of 13-20 year olds and a handful of dads to help.

These trips were primitive in nature; no facilities for miles. For most of the boys it was a rugged experience. Filtering lake or river water to drink, cooking with limited supplies, no bathroom facilities, etc.  By the second or third day, we began to see cracks in façade of the boys. By day 5 we really saw who they were (a product of their parents).

Your business is the same way. Here’s an analogy to consider. The owners and management of the business represent the parents, and the team members represent the children. No matter what you say in meetings and memos, it is your own values and behaviors that are repeated by your staff.

Your values are showing; good or bad.

Your mission statement may be on the wall, but your core values are displayed in the attitudes of your employees.
                                        –Elle Clarke


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